Here at PRIME Purchasing the theme is value for money. We, therefore, like to offer you additional services to assist you in running your business and keeping costs to a minimum. Some of the great service that we provide are: 


We will take your invoices for foodservice, dairy produce, fresh produce and meat and conduct a thorough analysis and review of your spending. We will then compare the prices that you are currently paying with those of our suppliers and identify any savings. If you are happy with the analysis and alternative offerings then we will arrange and co-ordinate the new service for you. 


At PRIME Purchasing we appreciate that effective promotion of your home is key to your business success. We also understand that you do not have the time to sit infront of a computer working it all out. So we have put together a package of service to enable you to provide the basic information and then be able to leave the rest to us. 
Stunning Websites at an affordable price (with no hidden costs) 
Mobile friendly: Responsive websites that automatically resize to fit any screen perfectly – even mobiles. 
Locally Supportive : Serving Wolverhampton, Stafford and Cannock areas – there’s a real person to speak to whenever you need assistance. 
Google Friendly: Websites are submitted to all the major search engines,for high ranking at no extra cost, so your business can be found online. 
Professional Design: Bespoke websites created from scratch by talented professional designers to give you more credibility. 


In these austere times Prime Purchasing recognises that every penny counts for our clients. Without question one of the largest costs to the majority of our clients is their utility bills. These costs have escalated beyond all recognition over the last 2 to 3 years. 
In an attempt to assist our clients we have scoured the market and found a partner that can offer our clients an affordable solution by utilising long established companies in the field of energy cost reduction. They will come and meet with you, assess whether they believe that they can be of assistance in helping you manage your energy costs and then tell you what it will cost. They can also apply the "brokerage" model, but in our humble opinion, it is not the right way and is counter productive. 
Prime Purchasing and their partners cannot guarantee to save you money, after all energy costs are rising exponentially, but they can add you and your organisation to their client list and enable you to benefit from their buying power. 
For more information and to book an appointment email us here providing us some basic information such as: 
Name of your organisation 
Your name and position 
Contact details including and telephone number 
A date and time that would be most convenient to call 
Size of your establishment and 
Approximate monthly bills for gas, electric and water 
How many meters and for which utility do you have? 
We can even assist you with some great ideas about saving energy. 
The question is; can you afford to wait. 
To save £££££££'s contact us now by emailing us here. 


At Prime Purchasing we are always looking for additional services that our clients want. So if you have an idea do not hesitate to contact us at and let us know what it is. We cannot promise to adopt every idea but we will give it serious consideration. 
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